Monthly Obsession: Online Mags

Print magazines may be declining in readership {noo!!} in recent years, but there has been a recent uptick in online-only magazines. There are a few that I am completely obsessed with {I'm sure loads more people as well}. Topics range from gardening & cooking to fashion, design & DIY crafts. These mags are just so great, so visually inspiring... it's like... like... aaaahh! completely addicting, can't get enough of it...  crack eye-candy. There are so many that it seems a bit daunting to keep up with them all - but, I don't care! I will stay up reading until the wee hours and forge ahead in my dedication to all forms of visual & literary awesomeness!
Check them out, as I'm sure you will become smitten with them as well.

In-print magazines that I should in all honestly, because they are also so totally wonderful, get a lifelong subscription to: Anthology and Uppercase


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