Monthly Obsession: Bone China

I realized that I haven't done a Monthly Obsession post in a while... so, I'm remedying that now.
This post is dedicated to a seriously crazy {borderline hospitalization} obsession I have with bone china. I'm not talking about your plain 'ol boring shiny china dishes that you would get for a wedding present or little girl sculpture you'd see on your grandmother's bookcase. I'm talking about unglazed, matte, translucent, creamy white, rough and completely dreamy porcelian. Good thing I am a slightly more than picky when it comes to whipping out the wallet - otherwise my apartment would be floor-to-rafters with the stuff.

basket, octopus, bracelet 
My first foray into slip-cast-ware was a few years ago via Brooklyn Flea when I found Alyssa Ettinger's ceramics. After seeing them once, they haunted me for months, so I headed back out and snapped up her New York set of slip-cast milk bottles. So cute and teeny, they look great with just one or two tulips or daffodils.
A few months later, sometime just before Christmas, walking through a totally idillic evening snowfall in NoLita, I swung by Haus Interiors and found Jennifer Jones's awesome feather ornaments.
Needless to say, my collection has grown a bit over time, so here's some nice stuff I've seen lately - please let me know if there are other good ones out there!

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