Mom's Garden: Winter Red

Snap! The Holidays are upon us. For such a seemingly cheerful time of year,
it sure does cause quite a ruckus, yes? {sigh} Roll with the punches, I suppose.
Southern California is seriously lucky for having such a long bloom season {I mean, it's 70 degrees in November! Sheesh!} - otherwise I wouldn't have this super awesome arrangement to show you. I snapped up this happy little party of flowers in about 5 minutes flat. Chartreuse and bright magenta-ish red is a crazy combo that just works. And, I thought it'd look great in my trophy vase by Yellow Owl Workshop.
Rose: David Austin 'Prospero'
Variagated leaves: Coleus 'Aureole' (Painted Nettle)


Project Adventure: Photoshoot

Just a sneak peek into a photo shoot I got to do with Obie recently... don't want to give away too much because some of the photos will probably end up as my Christmas card. {reality check: not really motivated to create my card from scratch this year} 
I got an email from my local Anthropologie about a fun event benefiting the Humane Society. Bring a toy and you get to take portraits of your pup! I said, it's for a good cause, why not!? {besides, the rate that Obie is growing, he might not fit inside the store much longer, ha ha ha} 
Photographers were the fabulous Kristina Michele and Kara Moreen of Mi & Mo Photography. Seeing how they had to deal with a new puppy model about every 15 minutes, they were super patient and gracious with all of the canine shenanigans going on around them. In hindsight, I should have taken Obie for a 10 mile walk before we did this... but, it turned out pretty awesome anyway.
If you want photos of your pet or need a wedding/event photog, look up Mi & Mo, they have a super clean style and are really nice chicas.
Thanks ladies!