Say Hello...

I apologize for my lack of posting recently. I have a good reason! I have a new addition to my life - everyone, meet little Oberon. He arrived from the D.C. area last Friday and I've had my hands full ever since! He's literally like having a toddler - can't sleep through the night and can't keep anything out of his mouth. But, he's a snuggler and a total cutie-pie. Welcome to Cali, little Obie!


Looking Up

A Hipstamatic pic from my recent trip to NYC. 
I've always loved pretty white fire escapes. The closest thing some New Yorkers have to a front yard.


Mom's Garden | Iceland Poppy & Anemone

Today's Mom's Garden is all about a couple of my most favoritist flowers: Iceland Poppies and Anemone! Mom and I planted these little suckers sometime in early October. Growing up from bulbs, they have been going gang-busters for the last couple of weeks, signaling the start of spring! I believe they are flowering a bit early because of our warm weather... normally they come up in April and May. 
My parents have peacocks in their neighborhood and they love to snack on the petals, so I decided to snag a bunch before they're gone and share them here.

I love the bight colors and the crepe-like texture to their slightly translucent petals. Such delicate things! These are flowers that even look good while wilted and dying.

Go out and find some - these little things are guaranteed to brighten your day.