Mom's Garden | Tangerines!

While those of you on the east coast are enjoying the snowflakes and frigid temps, I'm sending this to you to brighten your day. Tangerines! They are such a happy fruit, don't you agree? {sigh}
Mom has a tangerine tree in her garden, in an area she calls The Orchard or, as her Dad used to call his back-backyard area, The South 40.
Fruit typically appear on this little tree from October to April. They all ripen at just about the same time, so when it's fruiting, man is it fruiting! I picked 66 tangerines and barely made a dent! Super sweet, only a tiny bit tart, bite-sized with skin that falls away super easily {and doesn't get under your fingernails}. So yummy!


New Section: Looking Up

One thing I noticed while living in New York was that people never looked up. I'm not talking about being pessimistic, I'm talking about literally looking upward. Toward the sky, aloft, to the heavens... you get the idea. With that thought, I wanted to start another category on MyLifeEclectic. Looking Up.
Next time you're out and about, try it. Look up. You might spot something cool.


New Year

Happy New Year!
I know this picture may be a strange one to start off the New Year, but I thought it was funny. 
I guess this  is the way people in my neighborhood get rid of their Christmas trees.