Project Adventure | Huntington Dog Beach

This edition of Project Adventure is dedicated to a great little place down here in Orange County. 
Dog Beach, a couple miles above Main St Huntington Beach. Mom, Dad and I took a trip out there with Zoe, their yellow lab. She loves it, when we get close, Zoe sticks her nose out the window and wags her tail in anticipation.
If you have a pooch {or two, or three} you can guarantee that they are going to LOVE Dog Beach. Heck, even if you don't have a dog, you'll love it.
A mile-long stretch of beach located between 21st and Seapoint Streets. Where dogs can run around off-leash and jump around in the waves. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends {especially in the summer}, so it's a bit nicer early in the morning if you like it mellow. Like, 7:00am early. If you do get caught in the crowd, be sure your dog is mild-tempered because puppies can get pretty carried away with all the euphoria. But, guaranteed, your canine will be tuckered out when you get home!
Be sure to put a couple towels in the car to wipe paws off afterward... unless you enjoy having sand all over the back seat.

Bring your surfer friend too, because the waves here are pretty decent {from what I've heard}. There are always guys and gals out there having a good time.

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