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So, if I were getting married or even thinking of getting married in the near future, my head would just about explode from today's launch of the bridal/wedding inspiration shop, BHLDN. I think there are a lot of soon-to-be-brides' fainting all over the country right about now. BHLDN is the newest creation from Anthropologie. Given my obsession with Anthropologie, I'm sure I'll be checking in on the site regularly for inspiration, not just bridal junk.
Of course the geniuses at Anthro have thought of everything - gowns, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes, lingerie, hair accessories and cover-ups. It has a breadth of style options from traditional & sweet to all out funky - but all very elegant. They even have a "flow player" video of the model moving around in the gown to see how it moves. Such a great idea! 
They have also added a section similar to Pinterest where you can "pin" your ideas onto a virtual collage moodboard to keep inspiration flowing with items from the site. 
Of course, there is also the "What Kind Of Bride" section to help you pick out styles. 
(I might have filled in the blanks and may or may not have come out with "Lady With A Twist" category, but of course I'm not getting married any time soon, so why would I bother?) 

I'm also loving their "Nuptials of Yesteryear" section with old wedding photos. Many traditional a few, hilariously, not so traditional.
Go check it out, yes even if you're not getting married, it's fun {and pretty}!

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