Project Adventure: New York - Tea Time

A new addition to My Life Eclectic is the Project Adventure. It came from the idea of the Bucket List. I decided it's not one of those "before I die..." things, it's more of something to get me out doing things around the city that I wouldn't do in my everyday life. So, I've compiled a list {that keeps growing} of things that I've always wanted to do/see in and around New York. Most of which are a one-time thing because of cost, time, or location, but just to be able to say I did it... and I've never regretted it.
One thing on that list is to have High Tea at the Plaza. I was lucky enough to venture there with my mom and some close friends for my birthday this year! So amazing, if you live in the city or get to visit, set aside some time {and money - read: not cheap} and experience this for yourself. Just once. Just to say you did it. You won't regret it.


Flower School

 Last month, my mom came out to visit for Mother's Day {seriously, just give her an excuse and she's out here in a flash}. For a fun thing to do, I signed us up for a flower arranging class at The Flower School in Red Hook. We made the most amazing bouquets... hostesses-with-the-mostest Sarah & Nicolette, held class at Saipua and just posted pics, and I had to share. The photos were just so beautiful! {I'm pretty sure the arrangement above was mine... pat on back}


Week(end) Bake Project: Chocolate Chip Cookies

As we all know, this weekend is Father's Day {Happy day, dad!}. I am blessed with a totally awesomely rad Dad, who doesn't really make a big deal out of, what he calls, a "Hallmark Holiday." But, at the same time, I sometimes lament that every so often, my birthday falls on or near Father's Day - and usually trumps his big day of relaxing. This is one of those weekends, where my mom is coming out to NYC for a visit {yay, mom!} for said birthday. Now, my dad may be happy about this turn of events, I'm not saying anything, but I wanted to show him a little love anyway.
Dad's a big sucker for chocolate chip cookies. The one thing that Dad asks for when I'm around, albiet very cute and bashful-like, *big grin* 'How 'bout some chocolate chip cookies?'
So, I decided to bake some cookies and send them out to California. Old reliable recipe: Nestle Toll House.
Perfect every time. Recipe after the jump.


Project 365: Day 1

So, I've been wanting to start another project that I heard about long ago... called Project 365. Its where you take a photo every day for a year. I guess it's kind of like a biography of your life by photo. Lets just hope I can keep it up. *fingers crossed!*
I'll be keeping a Flickr set as well, if you want to see them there... (granted, there's only one now, so it'll be very anticlimactic)


Monthly Obsession - Order Strigiformes (Owl)

I've decided to introduce this new section, Monthly Obsession, to one of my favorites, Owls.
They are just amazing. Pure and simple. Every shape, size and color of them are just cool as can be. And, they've been popping up a lot over the last couple of years. I recently saw a preview to a new CGI movie called Legend of the Guardians that looked so beautiful, I almost fell out of my seat (and has one of my favorite voices ever, Hugo Weaving).
So, here's a few cool-looking items that you can use to spruce up your home or closet... Granted, it takes some patience to weed through the kitch, but there are some really awesome things out there. Enjoy!

1. Great Horned Owl, 2. Powerful Owl, 3. Curiouser Lamp, 4. Hoot Owl Kids Hat, 5. Umbrella Stand6. Wise, 7. Owl Test,  8. Hoot Hoot Hooray earrings
Pics at top via here and here


Salted Caramel Brownies 2.0

So I finally put together the recipe I originally wanted to use - adding in some caramel. It turned out great! (I always want to tweak recipes so they are a bit more personalized, but these are darn yummy from the getgo) Warning: These things are sticky gooey deliciousness!
And, I realize that I need to work on the food photography, but I figured you folks would want to see the finished product.
Recipe after the jump!


Singing in the Rain

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! I'm beyond excited about a recent arrival to my doorstep!
SquidLondon's color-changing umbrella!!!! I first saw this beauty on the MoMA Store website, and thought 'wow, that is super cool'.... but he-llo! How many umbrellas does one need? I mean, seriously. I let it go for awhile, but it kept nagging me. So when I finally gave in to my materialistic urge - discontinued!!! *heartbroken*
Luckily, I found it straight from the source at SquidLondon!  *Applause*

I am tempted to run it under the sink, but the planets have aligned, because it's supposed to rain tomorrow!!!!!! My week is now complete.