Project Adventure: Road Trip Vol. 1

I apologize for not posting in some time... as most of you know {probably all of you, since I doubt I have any strangers reading this blog} I have relocated from The Big Apple to La La Land. Moms and I made a fabulous road trip adventure out of it. {if you want to see the map of our trip, click here}
I'll be doing a few postings from the Great Adventure: Cross Country. Over the 11 days and 4200 miles traveled, there were lots of little stops along the way, it would take me 10 posts to get through it all... so, I'm doing a sampling of a few.
I have to say, if you are a fan of road trips, you have to go cross-country at least once... well, maybe twice. You have to experience both the "northern route" and the "southern route". Totally different samplings of the good 'ol US of A. {I have to warn you tho' Texas and northern Nevada is suuuuuper boring}
Hello! How adorable is this photo of Moms getting pummeled by Niagara Falls?!?

While we were in Cleveland, we just had to stop by the house where they filmed A Christmas Story.

Just outside of Chicago is Frank L. Wright's Home & Studio. Breathtaking if you love his work.

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